The seminar on monitoring the status of mining machinery through oil analysis was held at Iran Mine House.

Predictive maintenance and predictive repair has been the most widely used among maintenance methods in advanced countries during the last few decades . In this way, the condition of the machinery is examined at certain intervals, but the intervals depend on the importance of the equipment. The condition of the device is monitored during periodic visits for probable failures.
One of the most important condition monitoring methods (CM) used in the industry is the analysis of oil.
In the OCM method, oils and tiny particles floated in the oil are parameters to be monitored. This can be similar to the blood test, which physicians understand human health level. Similarly, oil testing can monitor the oil status, which plays a vital role for many machines. Also, through the nature and shape of the particles in the oil fault and its cause can be found. For example, particles produced by corrosion and abrasion have different shapes.