Research and Technology Committee



The Research and Technology Committee has been set up in order to improve the quality of mining operations such as exploration, exploitation, operation, processing etc. that can play a vital role in optimal performance of mineral producing units.

To achieve the above-mentioned aims, active collaboration of all the governmental, cooperative and private institutions and organizations in the field of mining was sought. The Committee has also interacted with the Presidency Technical Cooperation Department and a number of steps have been taken.

The opportunity of organizing the 20th World Mining Congress and Expo 2005 (held on November 7-11, 2005 at Tehran) by Iran Mine House and extensive participation of distinguished mining scholars and eminent scientists from the world over led to negotiations and exchange of ideas about the latest technological know-how and scientific findings suitable for the mining sector of the country. This provided the ground for interaction of international experts and scientists capable of collaboration for advancement of the goals of the mining sector of Iran, presenting their expertise to be evaluated and, if beneficial; utilized. In addition to the foreign collaborations, the Committee has also inquired about the views of domestic miners. These procedures are still undergoing.

The response from international participants were dominantly concerning the academic interests as well as some hints on coal, copper, other minerals, geomechanics and rock mechanics, while the Iranians were mostly interested in exploration, extraction and production, and in some cases mining services and processing.


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