Data, Information and Publication Committee



This committee has been set up to help successful presence of Iranian mining companies in the world trade through offering expert services in the field of e-commerce and e-training consultancy in collaboration with other companies (on contract basis) acting as the link between Iranian mining sector and other countries.

The services offered by this committee include:

  1. e-Commerce services including
    1. e-Marketing,
    2. virtual stores
    3. virtual offices
  2. Designing and implementation of comprehensive system of organizational resource development in mining companies that can lead to supervision and intelligent utilization of resources. Further, this can be supplemented by having feedback from rapid production and distribution to help eliminate the obstacles and penetrate into markets.
  3. Training and organization of seminars on Internet and e-Commerce.
  4. Providing broadband high-speed wireless Internet services.
  5. Designing web pages.
  6. Issuing international electronic licenses.
  7. Providing technical support.
  8. Assessing Information services in mines and other mine-related sectors, procuring books and technical journals for perusal of miners, translation of books required by the universities and training institutes teaching mining and geology.
  9. Publishing Hamkar monthly journal on a regular basis.

10.  Collaboration with Ma’dan-va-Tose’e (Mining and Development) weekly newspaper published by IMIDRO.

11.  Collaboration with Sang Quarterly.

Publishing the second edition of “Investment and Trade Guide to Iranian Mining Sector” in English in collaboration with Iran Itok Company


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