About us

An introduction to IMH

Iran Mine House

Purpose and vision

Iran Mine House (IMH) is a Non-Government Organization that supports and promotes the Iranian mining industry. The House serves its members and promotes their interests by providing strategic support and advisory input.

A key role of IMH is to facilitate interaction among mining employers to examine policy issues and other matters of mutual concern to clarify and define desirable industry standpoints. A variety of initiatives are in place to promote collaboration between members. Consultation and collaboration are voluntary and never encroach on the autonomy of members.

The House also acts as a principal advocate for mining in Iran to government, communicating major policies endorsed by its members. A further vital function of IMH is to promote the sector through convention of seminars, workshops and exhibitions.



The House’s vision is to reposition the Iranian mining sector as the country’s foremost industrial sector for investment. IMH seeks to create, in partnership with key stakeholders, a conducive policy, legislative and operating environment that facilitates investment in mining sector of Iran.

This is an economic strategy of the country, and the House is a respected mining advocacy organization that works through trust-based, problem-solving partnerships to engineer this positive turnaround in the mining industry.

Achieving this vision will bring about a revolution in the economic status of the country in way to achieve the Five-year Development Plan objectives to improve Iran’s economic growth.



A brief history

In early 2002, a group of renowned entrepreneurs and experts of the mining sector of the country who had the vexation of the then-prevailing status of the mining activities, subsurface resources and god-bestowed mineral riches in mind, were congregated to improve the unacceptable circumstances utilizing their considerateness, contemplation and meticulousness. After meeting several times, having discussions for several hours, and exchange of expert ideas, the group succeeded in reaching the resolution for collaboration in technical procedures, as well as expansion and enhancement of mining operations, mining industry and international mineral trade, keeping pace with Clause K of Article 5 of the Islamic Republic of Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Mining Act, thus instituting an organization named “Iran Mine House” that is registered at the Chamber of Commerce (Reg. No. 163).




The House continuously looks for ways to advance the position of and make improvements in the Iranian mining industry and participates in various initiatives and projects in areas relating to health, education, policy and regulations.


The founders of Iran Mine House had the following aims and objectives on their agenda:

  1. Improving scientific and technological know-how in production and optimizing the productivity of mines, as well as mining and processing industrial units
  2. Optimizing research and development activities in mining industry
  3. Marketing and laying ground for active presence in the international markets
  4. Facilitating the exchange of information and experiences amongst the members of Iran Mine House and other research or mining organizations in or outside the country through creating information databases on mines, minerals, processing and the related industries, organizing scientific/technical specialty conferences, exhibitions and training courses, and publishing scientific/technical books and periodicals
  5. Establishing non-governmental funds for guaranteeing mineral exports
  6. Collaborating with government in formulating laws and regulations concerning mines, minerals, processing and the mining industries
  7. Providing support for the members and their vested interests in the domestic and international judiciary
  8. Survey, analysis, consultation and participation in specialty planning related to mining, processing and mining industries
  9. Launching and strengthening of the statistical system and quality control in mines and mining industry

10.  Establishing of organizations and institutions for offering general and specialized services in fields of finance, credit, commerce, insurance etc. to the mining community


In addition to the above-mentioned goals, the founders have a memorandum of association comprising of seven chapters, 56 articles, and seven clauses that has been approved on December 9, 2002.